Table Throws


  Printed table covers are offered in 4ft, 6ft and 8ft table length size options, as well as in round shapes for 30" and 42" high tables in a variety of diameters. These high-quality table covers are ideal for complementing any table top display and simply adding a professional, branded appearance to events or conferences. Printed on washable polyester using dye-sublimation, ink is pressed directly into the fabric instead of being transferred on the top.

Choose from full length draped, 6ft to 8ft convertible, stretch and fitted options. Full and economy cover options are available to fit 6ft and 8ft tables, providing added versatility and functionality. Printed table covers are durable, high quality and include a six-month limited graphic warranty. Table covers are the perfect accent for tabletop displays, banner stands or sign stands for a complete, professional appearance.